At CK Technologies we believe that sustainability drives innovation and growth across the three capitals that comprise the Triple Bottom Line - Social, Environmental and Financial. Our parent company, Cascade Engineering, was founded in 1973 with the belief that a business could be profitable as well as socially and environmentally responsible. Today, this philosophy of business has been transformed into a commitment to achieve a sustainable enterprise with specific financial, social and environmental goals. We are committed to developing and maintaining a sustainable business that serves the needs of our customers. We have built our sustainable vision to include all aspects of our business – from product development to lean manufacturing to community involvement. We embrace the idea of sustainability as an opportunity to deliver a resounding positive impact on our society and environment while providing our customers with world class products and services.

LEED Certification

Another demonstration of our commitment to sustainability can be seen in our LEED certified buildings located in Mt. Airy, NC and Grand Rapids, MI.  The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council. Our Mt. Airy facility is the first manufacturing plant in the Cascade Family of Companies to receive LEED certification. The Mt. Airy facility was engineered to improve the quality of life for the occupants, save energy costs and improve the environment.

In addition to our Mt. Airy facility, the Cascade Engineering Corporate Headquarters is LEED Certified “Platinum”. The Platinum designation indicates the highest level within the LEED EB (existing building) rating system, and exemplified the tenets of sustainability on a day-to-day basis.

The Triple Bottom Line

We believe that sustainability drives innovation and growth across all three capitals of the triple bottom line, and sustainability has become a key part of this strategy. As a member of the Cascade Engineering Family of Companies, we support the publication of our annual triple bottom line report which serves as a documenting mechanism for all sustainability efforts throughout the larger organization, and illustrates our achievements in this arena.