Manufacturing Capabilities

We manufacture large plastic parts and complex assemblies for the commercial truck and bus industry. These parts require structural integrity as well as a high quality finish. Our core manufacturing capabilities are as follows:

Plastic Injection Molding

At CK Technologies and Cascade Engineering we have molding machines ranging in size from 1000 tons – 9000 tons. This range of press sizes allows us to produce parts both large and small. We use a variety of sophisticated molding processes.


Large scale plastic injection molding is only attainable with precision tooling. We have in-house tooling capabilities to address parts both large and small made in injection molding machines up to 9,000 tons. We also have the capabilities to provide lower cost tooling for prototypes including rapid prototyping which can produce a part within 2 weeks.


We provide complete product durability and validation testing both internally and externally using fully accredited outside labs. Material compliance validation is completed internally with our A2LA materials lab. Our CMM (coordinate measuring machine) provides quick and accurate dimensional verification.

In-Line Vehicle Sequencing (ILVS)

CK Technologies' in-line vehicle sequences by body color in order to minimize inventory levels in accordance with a lean manufacturing environment. Parts and/or systems are assembled, secured in racks and staged at our facilities and released in coordination with our customer’s production schedule at the point of application reducing the assembly required at final production.


To provide a completed part to our customers frequently requires  finishing. At CK Technologies we have developed finishing processes and final assembly capabilities that support our full service commitment to our customers. These additional capabilities along with in-line sequencing provide us with a cost effective solution for us and our customers. Our finishing capabilities include:

  • Painting 
  • Priming 
  • Chrome Plating 
  • Assembly