We believe that continuous innovation is a given in our continually changing world. CK Technologies (CKT) has developed and executed a number of product and process innovations which are as follows:

Weight Reduction

The challenge for the heavy truck industry is to manage tractor weight to improve overall efficiencies in terms of increased payload and improved fuel economy. CKT has met this challenge by providing products that reduce cost and weight.


CKT is continually looking at coatings for enhanced durability and low-cost applications. We specialize in converting steel to plastic, adding value by delivering multiple benefits such as part consolidation, weight minimization and cost effectiveness. Lower weight results in better fuel economy and higher payload, making these products more environmentally friendly than traditional technologies.

IMC (In Mold Coating)

CKT and OMNOVA Solutions Inc. are proud to announce the introduction of In Mold Coating (IMC) for large tonnage injection molding exterior applications. IMC is a process where a coating is introduced into the mold during the molding cycle. An electrostatic IMC primer is commercially available to our customers utilizing substrates such as ABS, PCABS, PCPBT, PPO/Nylon, ABS/Nylon and Nylon materials. We are continuing the development of clear coats for molded in color materials along with pigmented coatings for color match applications. The IMC process provides substantial benefits to the environment while reducing costs and improving quality. The IMC technology is a thermoset formulation that provides environmental benefits as it is recyclable and has zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The IMC process eliminates the need for secondary coating operations, and reduces handling and inventory to provide a cost advantage to traditional processes. The inherent quality benefits are enhanced adhesion, elimination of surface contamination, and superior surface quality.

  • Side Fairing Assembly
  • Fender Extensions
  • Bumper System
  • School Bus Instrument Panel